So… Hi!

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Neopets anyone?

Im bored and nobody is here.  Anyone want to meet me on neopets?


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New Pokemon Episode

The new pokemon episode yesterday was called “Doc Brock”.  Weird huh? (Long story)

Take that, bakugon!

Well, if we ever make that Pokemon vs. Bakugon debate than I have a great argument! So, Cucca, here it is! (feel free to add to it!)

Bakugon: If it falls into water it will die.

Pokemon: If in pokeball it will survive any conditions.

Bakugon: If it dies it dies. It will never be back.

Pokemon: If it dies you can revieve it immediatly.



I want pie.

Pudding pie sounds good right now. And eggs. But NOT cereal. I had the for breakfast so many times that I’m sick of it AGAIN. Well… we have about 7 inches of snow here. I just got back from outside so I’m warming up in my room on my computer. So… I’m bored. I’m gonna make coins on CP. Bye bye pplz! Hasta Manãna! Computer world!


Welcome Me!

Well, I’m in the blog now! And I am no longer a pastry. Although I still like pie! be sure to check out my new blog!  And enter the contest! Guess a number between 1 and 50 to win a free Neopets account with 1050 or more neopoints! Comment to enter!

                                               – Amanda102196

What she means by no longer a pastrey is that she was Puddinpie102! Lol. and how can you get an acount with 1050 diffrent neopets in it?