YAY!!!!! it’s one of my favorite holidays, THANKSGIVING!!!! So yeah, I hope everyone has a happy   “Day Of Giving Thanks” 😆 . I got to make the puddingpie this year! And no, I do not mean my cousin who’s WordPress name is PuddinPie102, puddingpie is a real pie! I also got to help with the weeners in a blanket or whatever you call’em. Ya know, those mini hot dogs in a mini bun? Soooo…… I thought I would include a little history and what not.

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast which is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. This harvest meal has become a symbol of cooperation and interaction between English colonists and Native Americans. Although this feast is considered by many to the very first Thanksgiving celebration, it was actually in keeping with a long tradition of celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for a successful bounty of crops. Native American groups throughout the Americas, including the Pueblo, Cherokee, Creek and many others organized harvest festivals, ceremonial dances, and other celebrations of thanks for centuries before the arrival of Europeans in North America.

Historians have also recorded other ceremonies of thanks among European settlers in North America, including British colonists in Berkeley Plantation, Virginia. At this site near the Charles River in December of 1619, a group of British settlers led by Captain John Woodlief knelt in prayer and pledged “Thanksgiving” to God for their healthy arrival after a long voyage across the Atlantic. This event has been acknowledged by some scholars and writers as the official first Thanksgiving among European settlers on record. Whether at Plymouth, Berkeley Plantation, or throughout the Americas, celebrations of thanks have held great meaning and importance over time. The legacy of thanks, and particularly of the feast, have survived the centuries as people throughout the United States gather family, friends, and enormous amounts of food for their yearly Thanksgiving meal.

I got this from History.com!

Happy Thanksgiving!




HIYA!!! Ok so this like huge trajady just happened yesterday. Someone who was my life just “droped” out of a 50ft window!!!! My cell phone!!!! Ok, so I was planning to throw it at the walll outa anger, when it acedentily went out the window. It got an inturnal crack and like had these wierd funky colors, like that random pictured I posted like, a month ago. Then, to make things worse…..Duckie snapped it. So, the reason I recovered this afternoon was because……..I’M GETTTING A NOKIA ON FRIDAY!!!!!! Heres a pic:

And I have to go because my brother is running around with a box on his head…….




ME AND PUDDINPIE HAVE SPOTTED A NINJA PENGUIN ON TOP OF THE PET SHOP!!!! It goes on top of it and flys off to somewhere els. You have to wait every ten minutes. Pony could you record this so we have more proof? I spotted it at 4:50, and then again at 5:00. So it happens every 10 minutes. Stay tuned for more info,


Fall Retreat Video!!!!


Ok heres me and my friends youtube video on our Fall Retreat!

I’m at 2:05 and I’m the person who slipped off the bed ( 😆 )

And for the picture at the end, that’s the wierdest face that Elijah has ever made, we got it on camera, soooo 😆 we had nothing els to use either. And he wants me to tell you guys that he does not aprove of that picture and blah blah blah.

The reason I’m not in this that much is because i’m mostly with my BFF Lauren filming and taking pictures!