It’s me here!(if you don’t know who I am then….. oh well) AND I had an awsome time at my church’s GAME NIGHT!! It was holarious!!! First me and Luaren had too much sugar, Luaren kicked Chukie in the shin trying to get the soccor ball past him. (LOL) THEN we all went upstairs after another game and Me Chuckie, Luaren, Sarah, and Jenn, all went upsatairs with everyone. We played Ga Ga (Theres a Ga Ga pit and you hit it w/ your hand against the wall to hit sum1 in the feet to get them out. You cannot hit the ball twice or pick it up or….YOUR OUT!) And so someone hit it at me and it hit my big toe and I yelped like-a weener dog (LOL!) and the Chuckie took my phone and threatend to break it so I chased hime through the Dodge ball room, got hit with a ball yelling “LUAREN! GRAB HIM!!!” and then he took Luarens phone. THEn him Luaren and someone els who I forgot their name cause I just met them, ran through the dodge ball room again. THEN we told Thomas that Chuckie took our phone (He’s a leader in Highschool.) and shook him voilently. (lol) Then when me and Luaren were planing to takle Chuckie but, he never came down, so I went up there outa bordum. I saw Thomas wearing Jenn’s tiny sweat shirt (LOL) trying to get a picture of him but he kept on running around it was funny! then i was like “Takle him I’ll hold the camera!” lol!!! Then he was skipping sideways singing “OH, we’re off to see the Wizard the wondurful….” It was sosososososo much fun!!!! Just wait t’ll I go on the fall retreat! There will be tons of info on what happedned there!!!!!!

P.S. I don’t wanna edit so deal w/ the spelling!!!

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