New Page!

Hi people! As you all probably know, I like to write poems! So me and Puddinpie102 added a poems page! You all know my other poems, well here’s a new one I just wrote:

It’ll Be Alright

It’s another one of those rainy days

Where everything seems ok

And then people slip away.

I can’t see the sun,

I think it’s gone

I’m not going to run

While others may be gone,

I’m still here, waiting on The Lord,

So I’ll enjoy my time before it’s done.

I’m not going to be sad anymore,

I’m letting go of that fear,

I’ll take all that hope,

Live my life without any more regret.

It may be rainy outside,

But that’s just a fact of life,

Before I go,

I’m certain the sun will shine,

Cause everything is going to be alright.



1 Comment

  1. cucca10229 said,

    September 30, 2008 at 1:51 am

    Sharing is caring. Maybe if you stop sharing you will stop caring.

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